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Composite Bonding

Do you want a whiter, straighter smile ? Composite bonding may be the choice for you.

This is a quick procedure where local anaesthetic is not needed. It is virtually pain free which is why patients love it and is completed in one visit to us.

We can repair chips and cracks, change the shape, colour and size of teeth. It is a minimally invasive technique.



What is composite resin?

This is a tooth coloured material made up of resin, filler and glass particles. These materials blend to your existing teeth naturally.

We add layers of the resin to your teeth.These layers are then moulded and shaped to give you a beautiful result. After we have achieved the desired shape we then polish the teeth to a high gloss finish. The result is a beautiful smile.

Traditional veneers made out of porcelain or composite can also give you a beautiful result but this requires some tooth removal, multiple visits and are more costly than dental bonding.

If a porcelain veneer chips then the whole veneer will need replacing whereas bonding can be added to or removed easily.

We can match the colour to your other teeth or you can include teeth whitening as part of your smile makeover. Teeth whitening is done before any bonding so the colour of your bondings can be matched to your whiter, brighter teeth.

Bonding is less expensive than other procedures and can give you a natural result which is easy to look after. Typically bonding can last from 5-7 years depending on eating habits and how well they are looked after.


Is bonding bad for my teeth?

No, bonding does not damage the teeth in any way as no tooth removal takes place. It is a very safe treatment and will not need costly replacement. You can even treat a single tooth.

Prices start from £180.

Call us to book your free consultation in person or on Zoom with one of our highly skilled dentists to start your smile journey!

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