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Clear and Invisible Braces

Although there is much less stigma attached to fixed metal braces than there used to be, many people prefer a more discreet option for straightening their teeth. Clear removable aligners fit this requirement very well, being far less visible when worn and likely to pass unnoticed in casual situations.

Aligners are very similar to retainers in appearance, being made of thin clear plastic. These are specially moulded to fit your teeth while applying steady pressure to the teeth to subtly shift their position. To maintain this pressure, old aligners are exchanged for new adjusted ones approximately every two weeks. How many sets your treatment will need will depend on how much movement is needed to get your teeth to the final desired position.

Although removable, aligners are designed to be worn at all times when you’re not eating, drinking or cleaning your teeth. Also, although our aligners are designed to be impact resistant, it’s a good idea to remove them when doing an activity that might damage them such as playing contact sports. Our principal dentist Oberah will advise you on how to care for your aligners to ensure your treatment is most effective.

As well as the benefits of being discreet, removable aligners are easy to keep clean and, to many patients, they don’t feel as invasive in the mouth as fixed appliances. Although they may feel a little uncomfortable for the first day or two of wearing every new set, this sensation will quickly ease as you get used to them.

Clear aligners are an incredibly popular treatment worldwide and have a tried and tested track record of being safe and effective. During your treatment with aligners you will need to visit us at regular intervals to make sure everything is going well.

Treatment is as short as six weeks in some cases. Once complete, your results will be permanent providing you use the retainers as advised that we supply. You can get new retainers from us whenever you need a fresh set.

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