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Straight Teeth

Many people wish for straighter teeth for aesthetic reasons. It’s a fact though that straighter teeth have advantages above just giving you a more appealing smile: they are easier to keep clean than crooked or crowded teeth, and they lessen your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, the leading causes of tooth loss. Straight teeth also improve function, distributing the force of your bite more evenly and reducing stress on your jaw muscles. This is important as when these muscles become overstressed they can lead to headaches and neck pain. Teeth that fit well together are also less likely to irreversibly wear enamel away. Of course, as well as these oral health benefits straighter teeth also enhance your smile. The more confident you are in your smile the more likely you are to show it freely and experience the social and professional benefits of being seen as open, expressive, authentic and trustworthy. The classic solution for straightening teeth has long been the fixed metal brace and these are still in popular use with orthodontists today. However, clear removable aligners are an effective modern alternative to this old staple and offer several advantages, being less invasive, less visible and easier to keep clean. Clear aligners offer a simple and cost effective route to straighter teeth and can be used successfully over relatively short time periods. They are particularly well suited to correcting teeth that are not overly crooked or crowded, but in more complex cases a fixed brace can be the better option. Our principal dentist Oberah can discuss this with you in a consultation and, if necessary, refer you to a specialist orthodontist for treatment. If you want straighter teeth and are looking for a dentist in the Twyford area, we’re confident that you’ll appreciate our welcoming atmosphere and warm, friendly feel. Pay us a visit or call 0118 934 9703 to register and book an appointment.

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