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Lines and wrinkles

As we age our skin loses elastin and collagen, causing it to become looser. This is particularly noticeable around the eyes and mouth. Anti-wrinkle therapy aims to rejuvenate the skin in these problem areas. We offer a range of non-surgical procedures to help treat lines and wrinkles. Get in touch today to arrange a facial skin consultation where your practitioner will discuss your preferences and your options which includes injectable agents that either relax the skin and restrict it’s movement or fill out the skin and give it support.

Botox is commonly associated with anti-wrinkle therapy and for good reason — it’s been used medically since the 1970s and is proven to be safe and effective for softening out wrinkles. We use a product called Azzalure which is derived from the same protein and works in the same way, by blocking the nerve impulses to your facial muscles, limiting their movement and effectively giving them a break.

Some people are worried about the fact that Botox-like treatments are derived from a neurotoxin but there is no cause for concern — the agent is used in tiny quantities and will not harm you at all. In fact, it is used medically to treat conditions such as migraines and excessive sweating. The effects of Azzalure take a few days to become evident but will last for around three to six months.

As well as Azzalure, we also use dermal fillers for anti-wrinkle therapy. These are injected below the skin to flesh it out and give a fuller appearance. Sometimes these are used in combination with Azzalure as both agents can suit different areas of the face. Unlike Azzalure, the effects of dermal fillers are immediate and will last a little longer — typically six months to a year.

Both these treatments are safe when administered by a trained professional — you can trust that not only will we administer your treatment responsibly but we will help you form an accurate idea of what your treatment will do for you before beginning. One of the risks of having treatment with an unqualified practitioner is that they can administer agents in the wrong quantities and leave you with an outcome that you regret.

Injectable skin treatments may sting a little at the time and there may be some short-lived bruising to the face. These effects will soon wear off, however. Anti wrinkle therapies are a great alternative to surgical methods and can be topped up as and when you feel the effects are wearing off.

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