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Tooth Extraction

Our adult teeth are designed to last all of our lives but a lot can happen to them in that time. When a tooth becomes damaged beyond repair through decay or trauma, removing it altogether is often the most appropriate course of action.

Other instances when an extraction may be recommended are:

  • An impacted tooth — such as a wisdom tooth that has failed to erupt through the gum and is now causing issues like putting pressure on other teeth. Wisdom tooth removal is one of the most common types of oral surgery, but any other adult tooth that is impacted and causing problems may be recommended for removal.
  • Crowded mouth — where teeth are overcrowded and the extraction of one or more will help to create a more visually appealing smile (as part of a smile makeover) that is also easier to clean and keep healthy.
  • Preventing infection — when a tooth is badly infected and beyond saving with root canal therapy, extraction may be recommended to prevent the infection spreading further. Tooth infection can be particularly dangerous in patients whose immune system is compromised in some way and often teeth are removed if there is any risk of an infection developing.

Our principal dentist Oberah understands that the prospect of tooth extraction can cause anxiety for patients of all ages and she aims to make the experience as easy and painless as possible.

The truth is that having a tooth pulled is not a painful experience as the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic. All you will feel is pressure as the tooth is removed. Sometimes a tooth may fracture on removal leading to a more complex extraction, but you will not feel this either. Oberah has a lot of experience doing this kind of surgery so you will be in safe hands.

After an extraction Oberah will advise on how to care for your mouth with disinfecting mouthwash and what food and drink to avoid for the next few days. If you are a smoker it is strongly recommended that you refrain from smoking for at least the first week following a removal.

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