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RXaligners: A subtle way to straighten teeth

You may be surprised by the number of adults who want to straighten their teeth but are put off doing so because of concerns about wearing braces.

Fortunately, advances in dental treatment mean that there are now a number of subtle ways to straighten teeth.

While fixed braces remain a very effective treatment method, particularly in more challenging cases, less visible options are proving to be extremely popular among adult and teenage dental patients at Shine Dental & Facial in Twyford.

Orthodontic treatment with RX aligners is very popular due to both the excellent results that can be achieved and the discreet nature of the treatment.

The benefits of RXaligners

The way that RXaligners differs from more traditional treatments is that rather than a brace being fixed onto or behind the teeth, clear aligners are placed over the teeth.

Being transparent the aligners are far less obvious to other people, which can make patients feel more comfortable during treatment.

As the aligners are custom-made the fit is also comfortable. As the aligners fit over, rather than onto, the teeth they can also be taken out when eating, allowing patients to continue to eat their favourite foods.

These factors mean that, overall, treatment has a minimal impact on patients’ lifestyles, which in turn makes it a popular teeth straightening treatment.

Discreet treatment you can smile about

For teenagers who are self-conscious about the idea of wearing braces but who would benefit from orthodontic treatment, RXaligners can be the ideal solution.

If you are looking for a discreet way to straighten teeth contact Shine Dental & Facial in Twyford to book an appointment. 0118 3214779

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